Bayseal spray polyurethane roofing foam,

Bayseal spray polyurethane roofing foam, is a rigid, closed cell plastic foam insulation that seals, insulates, and protects the roof. This increases roof durability, endures foot traffic, and resists impacts and storm damage. A Bayseal foam roof, when covered with a Bayblock protective coating, forms a complete roofing system that helps ensure sustainability for many years. Dark building's and pavement in cities absorb more of the sun's heat during the day and release it at night. This results in increased air-conditioning costs, energy use and pollution. Baysystem's Cool Roof Technology systems uses reflective elastomeric coatings sprayed onto the roofing foam to produce a surface that reflects back up to 90% of incoming solar energy. The result is a cooler building and reduced energy costs.


Bayblock is a liquid-applied elastomeric functional membrane applied to Bayseal roofing foam. Bayblock elastomeric roof coatings reflect sunlight and improve emissivity, unlike other roof types which absorb light and turn it into heat. The result is a cooler building and a reduction of the heat island effect.

Meets 2003 International Building and Residential Codes - Sections 2602.1 & R314.
Meets UBC Building code 104.2.8
AC12 March 1, 2005.
ASTM C1029

Bayseal polyurethane roofing foam

adheres to almost any surface which means, in most cases, youu can replace your roof without tearing off the old one. This will save money as well as keep building materials out of our already overflowing landfills.

Conserve Energy

A concrete business in Nebraska recently recovered it's metal roof with spray polyurethane foam and saw an average of 63% decrease in its utility bills. Energy reductions such as this will reduce the usage of fossil fuels that are used to make electricity, thereby reducing carbon emissions.